Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cooking Kid!

We had book club with the H.A.C.'s  last week. I find this is can be a refreshing mind clearing evening! Even if we don't  ever get around to discussing the book. My girls have kids around the same age as E. I have heard all of them talking about letting their kids cook or involving them in the kitchen in some way. We implemented this as our house this past week. I managed not to lose my mind (yes, I am an anal, jerk! There are many excellent reasons I am NOT a teacher!) and E did an awesome job with the supper. She picked a new recipe (two of them actually), made a shopping list, found the things at the store and did almost all the cooking herself! She couldn't have been more proud to have Hubs bragging all about her dinner the whole time we were eating. She also volunteered to clear the table at the end of the meal (at least you know she has seen that is what actually happens if I'm cooking!). She participated big time in the meal we put together later in the week as well. E is looking forward to doing this a lot more and I am actually looking forward to letting her do it! All together now: Deep Breath In ........Whoooooooosh! I can LET GO a bit!! Will wonders never cease? Thanks girls for the encouragement!!

I am loving, loving this new blog I've found! Go to this link! Immediately!! Read!! Enjoy it! Be challenged by it!!! (BE WARNED: if you are thin-skinned this is NOT the blog for you! STAY AWAY! and if you choose to ignore that warning do NOT complain to me or become a troll to the blog authors! Consider yourself forewarned!) Year of Sundays

In the mean time, I'm out finding myself ...


  1. That *is* one very cool website!

    And I'd be flipping excited to have some real help in the kitchen!

  2. Awww! Thanks! That rocks my sox! Thanks!! I was going to try to make a comment today about your farting post but couldn't stop laughing! I will have to come up with a good farting post for farting around here is a force to be reckoned with!!