Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter - take, who am I kidding ...we've lost track

We're back at it again - winter in this neck of the woods. We haven't gotten the weather as bad as some but it is still enough to cause angst!
Hubs owns a house in town that we have been renting out for the last four years. Our renter moved out at the end of November and for many reasons we finally decided in December to put the house on the market (picture me to doing the BIGGEST HAPPY DANCE ever!). This house is nothing spectacular but it is still a home and the price is waaaay more than right! Trust me on this one. Anyway, along with having a house come things like taking care of that house. When the area you live in gets ice accumulation taking care of the house involves removing huge old tree branches off said house. Ugh! Apparently the ice/snow accumulation got the pine tree next to house sagging (oh how I can appreciate THAT feeling) down low onto the roof of the house and on to the car parked in the neighbors driveway!
This morning I had to drop Peanut off at her dad's and I was happily on my way to work when my phone rang. It was hubs telling me we needed to meet and switch trucks so he could get down to his dad's and pick up FIL and the chain-saw and get back to the "Town-House". Well, one big old miscommunication later (my phone cut out when we had decided where we were meeting and he was waiting about 8 miles north of where I was waiting - Niiiiice!) and we were truck switched and he's on his way to retrieve help for this tree cutting project.
I am swamped at work so getting there late doesn't help that little problem than you tack on there that I'm supposed to be getting ahold of our insurance agent to discover what we're actually supposed to do with this darn tree resting on the house (does a run-on sentence make you feel out of breath too?? I digress ...). What a mess. I don't have anything that I need to have done here at work which puts me behind for the whole week. Hubs is already way swamped at work and I'm sure having to take time to do this has only made that worse! I haven't heard anything from them in hours which I hope means they have all of their appendages still fully intact. I will keep you updated ....I don't have cabin fever people - I have I never frickin' want to leave my cabin fever ....
In the meantime, I'm out finding myself .....


  1. You already know that I'm with you... I'm so stinkin' tired of winter, winter can bite it.

    On a happier note, glad to see you are blogging, you may find it addicting, lol!

  2. yeah!! my first comment! You will always have that honor!! I can only imagine how truly addicting but cathartic this all can be!!! Thanks for reading!