Thursday, February 17, 2011

AAAAAaaaaaannnnnnddddd, oh yeah .....

So I promised I would be doing this faithfully! How is that working out for me? Very well, evidently! Lovely!

So my first post was about airing grievances there are a ton of them for sure. This week most of them belong to work related things! In an effort to avoid being Dooced maybe I'll keep the stories to the fools to whom I get to speak to each and every single day.
So why, may I ask, do people in general refuse to engage their gray matter? I mean, really, it's there, not just to take up space but to actually function as a device by which information may be gained! Truly!!!

Take today for example: It was a dreadfully foggy morning and and several local school districts delayed and eventually canceled classes. Now, a person, say a person who would need to know this type of information because they have a child that may attend one of these facilities, can obtain this information in many different manners. You can have this directly texted to your phone (free), watching the ticker on the TV (free), listen to the radio (yup, free but listening would be the operative word here) or check it out on the Interwebs (probably not free but with a minimal amount of research I could discover that most of you have a computer and the internet in your home and maybe even in the palm of your hand!!). With all of these many, many ways to obtain information picking up your phone and dialing a number and asking ME to look this information up for you is not only bordering absolute insanity but also bellows LAZY LAZY LAZY jerk! I have an extremely low tolerance for laziness but it is unbelievably rampant. What can I do???
But then maybe the organized amongst us are really the lazy ones? Huh? But then 'Stina's got the ticket? Hmmm, either way! You should definitely get over and check out her new locally grown wedding blog!
In the mean time,
I'm out finding myself ..... 

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