Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Try, try again ... right?

Still gardening! The Chamber Pots are growing! Hooray for that!
It's raining and raining it seems! We've gotten a fair amount just in the last day or so ...
2 inches 4 tenths in case you can't read off the crappy cell phone pic! I am grateful we haven't blown away or flooded though with all of the mess the world is in right now.
The garden is starting to grow. I finally got the darn thing tilled the day before mother's day and got a bunch planted the next morning. The lettuce type stuff and kohlrabi is coming up nicely. I still don't have the potatoes or tomatoes/peppers planted but they are all waiting to go into the ground -if the rain/cool weather ever quits!!
Happy Memorial Day weekend all! We look forward to a busy weekend of grad parties, birthday parties and a party of our own! Remember to attend one of your local Memorial Day ceremonies. They are always very neat. In our tiny little burg we have two cemeteries and the local Legion comes every year and does a neat little reading of all Vets names and playing of Taps.  It's very moving.
I'll be back soon ...I Hope!
In the meantime, I'm out finding myself ...

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  1. Hey Janelle, have a happy long weekend! Your chamber pots are looking lovely ;)