Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chamber Pots ... because I am a child I think this is Hysterical.

You'll notice that I've started a page for my gardening/yard work. I think every year that I need to start a diary of what I plant/harvest and when and then I never get around to doing it. This year with the blog is going to be. the. year.
We finally had a nice weekend this past weekend and I couldn't bring myself to stay inside so we got a bunch of yard work done. Gosh winter is hard on things! It is hard to believe the junk that gets spread out in the yard through those snow covered months! I don't have a ton of space in our house but tried again this year to save my geraniums. If you want an EXCELLENT tutorial about this Carol posted on the other day! Go there! Read it! Do it! (I'll wait here ..... ok you back?) My mom and grandmother have done this for years with tons of success. I, on the other hand, haven't had that much luck until this year. I think I've managed to save a few of the babies from last year.
Part of what I was trying to save were the awesome candy striped geraniums I planted in the pots that sat out in front of the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce last summer. I didn't get those babies to live but the Chamber Girls should enjoy some of the other colors I was able to get to survive from the pots my mom and I planted last year (and most quite a few year earlier as well). I have the Chamber Pots started and hopefully by the time the Iowa Weather is decent enough to leave them out there will be some lovely flowers for the Girls and other visitors to enjoy!

Sorry, as usual, for the crappy cell phone pic but in a few weeks these pots (if I don't kill 'em first) should be full and lush ready for the Chamber!
In the meantime, I'm out finding myself .... 

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  1. I didn't know you were the 'chamber pot girl'... look at you all famous!

    Keep up the good work~